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Solar PV panel repair service in Tyne and Wear

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Solving all your solar PV panel problems

Are your solar panels not generating? SWH Electrical Solutions diagnose and repair faulty grid-tied solar PV systems across the North East, even ones that we didn’t originally install.
Many owners of solar PV systems are finding that when they need support, their original installer has ceased trading, or simply won’t help. Most electricians, who aren’t experienced in microgeneration, won’t get involved due to fear of the unknown and product manufacturers will often deal only with a contractor, not an end user. 

SWH Electrical Solutions can also install a metering and monitoring device into your home to help you see how much electricity you are generating and using and just how much money you are saving. Covering Tyne and Wear, Newcastle, Wallsend and Tynemouth.
Looking for a Solar PV panel repair company in the Tyne and Wear area? Call SWH Electrical Solutions on the number below today.
 Call: 07557 133 245

Why choose us for solar PV panel repairs?

We use specialist solar photovoltaic test equipment to locate faults and verify that other parts of the installation are performing properly. We also check that your inverter has been set up correctly during commissioning – a common cause of poor yields and faults. All our work is fully guaranteed and we will still be here if you need us further down the line!

All you have to do is get in touch with a member of our team and discuss your needs in detail. Whether it is solar panels, fuse board repairs or electrical condition reports and more, we are here to help you. 
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